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2016 Smithers

The Smithers/Telkwa Organizing team would like to extend its thanks to all that contributed to Minerals North 2016.  We would particularly like to thank our sponsors, speakers, and volunteers for going the extra mile to make sure that this event was a huge success.  A list of our sponsors is provided.  

We have provided a copy of the final agenda as well as biographies for our speakers.   Copies of presentations will be uploaded as they become available.  Please note that these files may be quite large and may take some time to download.  

 AMEBC and MABC updates on Exploration and Mining     

Regional Geologist updates 

Innovation in Exploration and Mining. Why innovation is essential to success from discovery to reclamation and closure & all the relationship building along the way

Keynote talk with Terry O'Reilly

Sustainability, Responsibility and Environment;  Communities involved in the mining industry seek long-term sustainability in a business of extracting metals which do not replensih during human timescales.  

HR and Workforce Development.  A look at how institutions are innovating to maximize opportunities and meet the challenges of the dynamic resource economy in northwest BC .  

 New Mines in Northern BC  

Working together and Moving Forward post Tsilqotin - part 1and 2

Working together and Moving Forward post Tsilqotin - part 3

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