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2019 Conference will be held May 22 - 24 in Chetwynd BC

About The Association

Other Organizations and Events

The following is a list of other organizations with that may be of interest to Minerals North attendees

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Applying to Host Minerals North

Communities across Northern BC are eligible to host a Minerals North event.

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Giving Back

Since 2004, a booming minerals industry has meant excellent sponsorship support for Minerals North, resulting in financial surpluses from recent conferences.

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Minerals North is the non-profit Association that facilitates the hosting of the annual Minerals North Conference.

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Congratulations to the District of Houston on a very successful event.

The District of Houston was host to Minerals North April 25 - 27th. The Minerals North Conference Association wishes to congratulate the community and thank them for all of their hard work

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Minerals North Conference

The next Minerals North will be hosted in Chetwynd

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