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So…your community would like to host a Minerals North Conference. The first thing to determine is whether there is strong community support for hosting the event and a core group of enthusiastic supporters/volunteers.  Then you need to decide is what organization is going to be the lead for applying to be a host, and, should the application be successful, take on the overall responsibility for the event.  You may include neighbouring communities in your bid so that the event is regional in scope and/or to increase the available inventory of venues or accommodation.  To bid on the conference it is a requirement that you have had representation at at least one Minerals North conference and have attended the "Hosting Minerals North" workshop while you were there.  

The call for proposals is sent out 2 years in advance of the event you are bidding for.  A call for proposals is generally sent out in early February and the deadline for receipt of proposals is usually mid to late March.  The call for proposals will include the submission deadline for the year you are applying.   Submissions are reviewed by the Minerals North Conference Association (MNCA) Board of Directors and the successful bidder is announced at the upcoming Minerals North Conference - so plan to be there!!  

Please note that some years there are several communities submitting proposals and that the MNCA endeavors to shift the conference across the region between east and west, and between larger and smaller communities. If you are not successful – don’t give up.  Next year just might be your year! 


Proposals must be no more than 4 pages long (not including letters of support) and submitted by e-mail in PDF format no later than March 15th, 2 years prior to the event.  The successful bid is announced at the Minerals North conference the same year.  

Here is what you need to include: 

Informing your proposal: 
The Host Community: 
The host community may be one community, or may be a combination of communities, including First Nations.  

The Proponent:  

Must be a legal entity registered to collect GST and subject to an annual financial audit by legislation, regulation or the Proponent’s bylaws.  Examples include local governments, First Nations governments, Chambers of Commerce, or Economic Development Organizations.  Please note that all risks, including financial are borne by the Proponent.  The Proponent is responsible for financial control, insurance coverage, and other assets critical to the successful hosting of the event.  

The Proponent will be required to enter into a legal agreement with the Association.  To see a sample of this document please contact us.  

 Selecting your dates:

Minerals North can be hosted in April or May.  Northern communities tend to “show better" in May, while April provides some communities with the opportunity to anchor Minerals North to an existing tradeshow or other event.  Traditionally Minerals North spans 3 days.   

To allow delegates to avoid weekend travel, and for those not attending any pre- conference events to spend 2 consecutive full days at work, it is suggested that day 1 be a Wednesday with the conference wrapping up after lunch on Friday. When setting your dates please try to avoid scheduling during Spring Break, short work weeks, or conflicting with the following events:

Your proposed committee structure:

Your organizing committee will be led by a volunteer Chairperson who will select committee members to oversee different areas of the conference or to perform specific tasks.  Committee structure may vary depending on the elements of your event and the expertise of your team.  Once the conference is awarded this committee will likely expand to take on more volunteers as the conference date approaches.


You will need to give some thought to where you are going to host the conference,  what venues are available and how many people can be hosted in each. You will require a space for meals, talks, and tradeshow.   In small communities you may need to cap the number of attendees you can accommodate.    In communities where there is no “purpose built” venue you may need to use buildings such as arenas, curling rinks, and community halls.   You may opt to forgo the Tradeshow if space is an issue.  If you are unsure that your venues will be suitable, please contact the MNCA for advice prior to submitting your bid.  We would be pleased to look at venue options with you. Make sure that you put a hold on the space so that it is available if and when your bid is successful. 

Guest room inventory:

A tally of available rooms must be included in your proposal.  If your community doesn’t have enough traditional hotel rooms other alternatives may be considered.  Rooms in neighbouring communities, camping and RV options, billeting etc. are all acceptable for your proposal.

Anticipated audience:

In this section please confirm your understanding of the traditional Minerals North audience.   Also, please confirm the number of delegates you have the capacity to host.  It is perfectly acceptable to cap attendance to reflect the size of your venues and your room capacity.

How you will make the event special.

This is where you add the conference theme and the “wow factor” that will make your proposal stand out from the rest.   Some communities choose to select a theme for the conference that will help to shape the direction of the speaker’s program and workshops.  Themes may be relatively generic or may reflect specific opportunities, issues, or challenges facing the mineral industry or the relationship between industry and communities. 

Please note:  Any consideration of cross promoting or piggybacking with another entity or event must be referred to the Minerals North Conference Association for approval prior to moving forward.   This policy is in effect to protect the Minerals North brand. 

Administrative content

To view a complete copy of the Minerals North Conference Manual please follow this link.  To ask questions or to submit your completed proposal use e-mail address provided.  

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