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Pre-conference session options

Please note that all times may be refined as agenda is developed.  

Central Mountain Caribou Engagement Session 

Approximate time:  1pm-3pm    No cost to participate

BC Government staff will provide an overview of the Central Mountain Caribou Multi-Party Committee that is currently developing and reviewing the impacts of various scenarios for caribou habitat management.  The mining representative from the Central Mountain Caribou Multi-Party Committee will provide their perspective on the process and this workshop will serve as a forum to share ideas and concerns about the process and next steps.

Please note:  This session is available to delegates and tradeshow participants.  There is no charge to participate.  

Golfing Tournament 

Approximate timeline:  Tour leaving to Golf Course at 10:00am  Return approximately 4pm. Cost to participate:  $60

Moberly Lake Golf Course is located at Moberly Lake with beautiful views and a wide range with 9 diverse fairways to enjoy.  We will be spending the day golfing; games and prizes will be included for a fun tournament.  If you are flying and can`t bring your clubs we will ensure you have rentals; please contact us to arrange for your booking. (Tournament play will be determined based on participation; your host will have many great options (ie best ball, regular tourney)).

Global Geo Park Tour in Tumbler Ridge

Approximate timeline:  Tour leaving from Chetwynd 9:00am  Cost to participate:  $75

Your guided tour will highlight economic activity on the one-hour drive from Chetwynd to Tumbler Ridge, and will include games and activities on the way.  Once we arrive in Tumbler Ridge we will begin our tour at the Global Geopark, hosted by their expert staff; topics will include Geology, Palaeontology and Human History.  Lunch will be provided for the tour.  Space is limited so please register early.  

Minerals North Willow Creek Mine Tour with Conuma Coal

Approximate time:  Tour leaving from Chetwynd 11:00am   Return at 4pm.  Cost to participate:  $50

Your tour will be leaving Chetwynd to the Willow Creek Mine site; experts from the Willow Creek site will guide a tour at the Coal Mine.  There will be games on the way out and information regarding economic activities in the area. The tour will also include lunch.  Space is limited so please register early.  

Chetwynd Chainsaw Carving Tour

Approximate timeline:  3:30-4:30pm  No cost to participate.  

Chetwynd is home to the world renowned International Chainsaw Carving Competition with competitors  attending from as far away as Australia, Ireland, Japan, and Britain, along with US, Canadian and local carvers.  Chetwynd’s collection has grown to well beyond 150 spectacular carvings since the first competition in 2005.  Join our knowledgeable tour guide at Carver’s Row, the hub of the town’s carvings, for a tour to explore a taste of the craftsmanship and artistry that make each piece a prize for our community.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see one of Chetwynd’s biggest attractions during your stay with us. 

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