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Northern BC's annual gathering of its communities and minerals sector

School District 91 Career and Trades Programs

Bruder Initiative:  Utilization of heavy duty construction toys and the Kindergarten level

Snap Circuit Initiative:  Engineering - bridge construction resource kits for grade 3 - 6 students

Project Mini-Mining:  Kids and Rocks workshops for k - 5 teachers, facilitated through Minerals Ed program

Project Mining:  Hands on activities related to mining for grades 6 and 7 students

Tent space for various outdoor career programs

Project business:  Business management exposure for participating grade 10 -12 students

Elementary based simulators - and expansion of the highly successful CATSIM program for grades 3 - 7

High school based simulators for the lates generation "construction Sims" for grade 8 - 10 students

Planning 10 - careers in mining class room resources.  

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